Top Tips For Learning English

Want to know what the top tips for learning English are? Here is my interview with Monika, an experienced English teacher, who shares her top tips for English learners:   Matt: Our topic for today is top ten tips for English learners. So, number one, what … Continue reading

British English Vs American English Spelling

When it comes to British English Vs American English spelling, there are several differences. Sometimes the words are spelled differently and have the same pronunciation. Other times, the spelling is different and the pronunciation of the word is also different. Here is a list of some of the … Continue reading

English Slang Word List

Need a British slang translator? Look no further! Here is my English slang word list that will help you learn some common British slang. Let’s start with introductions. What should you say if someone says, “Alright?” This is a natural way to say “Hi, how are … Continue reading

British English Vs American English Food

Hi and welcome to today’s lesson, which is all about British English vs American English food. So let’s get straight in with a look at our first difference. Crisps or chips. So, here we can see the British English version of these very thin, deep … Continue reading

How To Learn English Speaking for Arabic Speakers

Are you an Arabic speaker? Do you have problems with your English speaking? This information on how to learn English speaking for Arabic speakers can help you: 1. The most typical problem connected with Arabic speakers’ pronunciation of English is that they usually can’t see … Continue reading

English In The News

Yes, that’s me in the news! Back in 2004, my cat was famous and his photo was in the local newspaper. Read the amazing story below and learn English vocabulary at the same time. English in the news – The full story A CAT which went missing … Continue reading

How To Finish What You Start

Have you ever started something and not finished it? A hobby, a fitness plan, a business idea, a language course or maybe just reading a book… Some people say that starting is the hardest part, but for me and many others, it’s finishing what you … Continue reading

British English vs American English

How much British English do you know? There are several differences between British English and American English but a good place to start is the most common differences in vocabulary. Sometimes the differences are small and you can often guess what the American version of the … Continue reading

Improve your English online

Here is our new video explaining what British English Online is about and how it can help you improve your English. The best way to learn English is to speak English as much as possible. By learning online using English Skype lessons you have the … Continue reading

Speak English with a Director of Studies

Do you want to learn to speak English? Would you like an English lesson with a Director of Studies? With one-to-one lessons online, you can start your journey to success now! All you need is a computer with a microphone or headset, an Internet connection and … Continue reading