English Slang Word List

Need a British slang translator? Look no further! Here is my English slang word list that will help you learn some common British slang.

Let’s start with introductions. What should you say if someone says, “Alright?” This is a natural way to say “Hi, how are you?” and there are two common replies:

Reply 1: I’m fine thanks
Reply 2: Alright?

Even though the second reply is said with rising intonation, like a question, it can be used to mean ‘I’m fine’ or ‘I’m ok thanks’).

a doddle = easy

English slang word list - a doddle

iPhone’s are a doddle to use

Example 1: iPhones are a doddle to use

Example 2: Don’t worry, the test is a doddle

Learning English online is a doddle. Click here to find out more about online English lessons.

full of beans = have lots of energy

Example 1: You’re full of beans today. Did you sleep well?
Example 2: I feel full of beans after my morning run

I find that lots of sleep and regular exercise helps me to feel full of beans.

give me a bell = call me

English slang word list - Give me a bell

Give me a bell later

Example 1: Give me a bell later

Example 2: I’ll give you a bell when I finish work

Please do not actually give me a bell! I have no space to store lots of bells!

grub = food

Example 1: I prefer pub grub to takeaways
Example 2: I’m hungry, let’s get some grub

This is an informal word so you wouldn’t use it if you were in a fine dining restaurant.

not my cup of tea = I do not like it

English slang word list - not my cup of tea

Horror films are not my cup of tea

Example 1: Horror films are not my cup of tea
Example 2: Football is not my cup of tea

You might not hate it, but if you’re not a big fan of something, you can use this expression

posh = looks expensive / high class

Example 1: a posh restaurant
Example 2: he speaks with a posh accent

Do you want to sound just like the queen? She has a very posh accent!

smart = dressed in clean, neat and often formal clothes

English slang word list - smart clothes

You look smart in your new suit

Example 1: We need to wear smart clothes to the posh restaurant
Example 2: You look smart in your new suit

Going for a job interview? You should probably wear your smart clothes. This helps to make a good impression.

to waffle = to talk a lot without saying anything interesting

Example 1: Stop waffling and get to the point!
Example 2: I sometimes waffle when I’m nervous

Do you know anyone who waffles? Do you waffle when you’re nervous? Try to focus on what you want to say so your friend doesn’t get bored listening to you.

English slang word list - wonky

This building is a bit wonky

wonky = shaky or unstable

Example 1: This table is wonky
Example 2: Be careful, the chair is a bit wonky

Have you seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It’s a bit wonky, but it hasn’t fallen down yet…!

Here is the full English slang word list. Try to use these words and expressions in your everyday conversations to improve your English and sound more like a native:

  • Question – ‘All right?’ Reply – ‘I’m fine thanks or Alright?’
  • a doddle = easy
  • Full of beans = lots of energy
  • Give me a bell = call me
  • Grub = food
  • Not my cup of tea = I do not like it
  • Posh = looks expensive / high class
  • Smart = dressed in clean, neat and often formal clothes
  • Waffle = to talk a lot without saying anything interesting
  • Wonky = shaky or unstable

Let’s see how many of these expressions we can use in one sentence…

For me, this is not going to be a doddle but it’s alright because I’m full of beans (I had a big breakfast this morning). Tell you what, give me a bell when you’re ready to have a go. Me, I’m off for some pub grub.


Pub grub is not really my cup of tea, I prefer going to posh restaurants in my smart clothes, as long as my friend doesn’t waffle too much and the tables aren’t wonky.

Now it’s your turn. How many can you use in one sentence. Good luck!

Watch the video of this post to practise your listening and pronunciation:

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