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Yes, that’s me in the news! Back in 2004, my cat was famous and his photo was in the local newspaper. Read the amazing story below and learn English vocabulary at the same time.

English in the news – The full story

A CAT which went missing for four years has been reunited with his owner after staff at an animal sanctuary discovered he had an identity chip.

Jamie went missing from Sue Thompson’s home in Westbury-on-Trym one evening in 2000 and she had given up hope of ever seeing him again.

But three weeks ago he was handed in to staff at the Holly Hedge Sanctuary in Barrow Gurney, North Somerset, after being found nearby.

Staff were initially unable to detect the chip and were preparing to send Jamie to a new home when they detected the chip during a final check, which alerted them to a control centre where his owner’s details were logged.

Sue, a teacher at Elmlea Junior School in Westbury on Trym, said: “I was really shocked. I just never thought I would find him again.”

“I was really upset when he went. It’s not nice when a cat disappears because there’s no closure.“

“I am very grateful to Holly Hedge for looking after him.”

Sue can now reunite Jamie with his sister who was adopted with him when both cats were eight weeks old.

She said: “I would say to anyone that it’s well worth having your cat chipped!”

Vocabulary from the article

  • reunited with his ownerReunited with your cat
  • an identity chip
  • she had given up hope
  • he was handed in
  • unable to detect the chip
  • owner’s details were logged
  • I was really shocked
  • there’s no closure


  • reunited = to be brought together again after a period of time
  • an identity chip – a small microchip that was put under the skin of the cat to identify him if lost
  • she had given up hope she had stopped believing that the cat might come home
  • he was handed insomeone found the cat and gave him to the cat home
  • unable to detect the chip they couldn’t find the microchip in the cat
  • owner’s details were logged – the name and address of the owner was on a computer
  • I was really shocked I was very surprised
  • there’s no closurethere is no feeling that the bad experience has ended

Lesson of the day – Get your pets microchipped

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