General English

Our General English classes help you to learn real English that you can use every day and will be relevant to your needs and interests.

You can practise your conversational English and learn to speak with a British accent or focus on specific grammar problems that you have.

Mistakes are a natural part of the learning process. You can receive lots of correction to help you improve quickly, including focus on pronunciation.

Every lesson will include new vocabulary and natural expressions to help you sound more native and improve your understanding of spoken and written English. Lessons will focus mainly on speaking and listening, but if you want to practise your reading and writing, you will use authentic texts to develop these skills.

If you need help correcting your written work, you can do this during the lesson or receive additional writing tasks to complete in your own time.

The lessons will be fun and at a pace that suits you, they will help you build your confidence and you will quickly achieve your desired level of English.

One to One General English Online Lessons (One Hour):

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