Victor Ruiz – Spain

Pablo Goldenberg – Argentina

Yuri Machado – Brazil

Raz – Japan

Maja - Slovenia

My lessons with Matt were very interesting and helpful. Every lesson Matt has chosen a different topic and we discussed about it. Matt is also a wonderful person with a good sense of humour, so lessons are fun and the time goes quickly.

Hamid - Iran

Matt is an excellent English teacher. I needed help with correct pronunciation and I found him extremely useful. I would not hesitate to recommend Matt to others. As a teacher I also found him very friendly and easy to communicate.

Abdulaziz Naif - Saudi Arabia

My dream came true with Matt’s lessons which could’ve taken me months or years to achieve. Here is my story. I sat the IELTS test in last January and was given 4.5 in Writing! I was bitterly disappointed and deeply hurt by the grade, so I decided to do the test again in April. Since I was running out of time and did not have time for studying IELTS  books, I decided to enrol on online lessons. I was looking for the the quality not the quantity of the lessons (fewer lessons but more effective ones). After long and hard search on the internet, I found Matt a month before the exam and asked him one question “how many classes do I need to boost my grade to at least 6?” He e-mailed me “15 classes”, so I immediately  struck a deal with him and started the intensive course the next day. My dream came true! I got 6 in my second try in the IELTS with just 15 lessons. Unbelievable! He really deserves every penny I paid him! So, I strongly recommend his lessons if you want to improve your English in a short time and in a fulfilling way.

Lena - Russia

I like when we chat freeform. I can chat about all situations and problems with Matt. We chat about interesting subjects about life, family and what is important for me.

If I don’t know about grammar, Matt will organise a special programme and we can practise this grammar together. We can look at different examples of the grammar during the lessons. I really like the pictures that Matt uses and that he uses Google documents for the lessons so that I don’t have to write new words down on paper.

It’s very important for me to speak with a native teacher and I like Matt’s pronunciation. I always recommend Matt to my friends.

Kostya - Russia

Lessons from Matt are really interesting! Matt teaches the whole of my family with different levels and individual topics! You can perfect your own level of grammar and real life conversation English, knowing and understanding English culture! All of it allows me to continue learning English!

Zhou Jin Kuan - Malaysia

Matt is professional and patient, I am glad to have an English tutor like him. Every part of the lesson is useful for me, I will continue the lessons for many weeks.

Christine - Switzerland

When I give topics to Matt that I would like to be able to talk about in English, all one to one lessons are very well prepared and a lot of research is done in advance. The lessons (one complete hour!) are very intense but there’s always time for a good laugh too and I’m very glad I can learn at my own pace. Due to health problems, I can lie or sit on my comfy daybed while talking to Matt by Skype. Just perfect for me! As well he supported spontaneously my two nephews, one with exam preparation for FCE and the other to refresh his English by talking about sports. British English Online is highly recommended by myself and by my family members too ;-)! Thanks Matt!

Davide - Italy

Extremely stimulating and well organised lessons!  Studying with Matt was a worthwhile experience which I hope to repeat again soon.

Irene - Switzerland

I enjoyed my lessons very much with Matt. He specially prepared the lessons for my personal needs. He corrected my mistakes and gave me useful suggestions for my exam. Learning English with Matt by Skype was very convenient for me because I did not have time to go to an English speaking country, therefore I could stay at my home. I can highly recommend him!

Sara - Saudi Arabia

If you are serious about learning English and want to improve it, you should go to Matt and take lessons from him. He provides enjoyable and helpful lessons so don’t hesitate to take lessons from him. In my experience he was so helpful. Thank you so much teacher Matt.

Erika - Brazil

Matt, I really want to thank you for everything you did for me: for being patient, professional, careful. You’re not only an excellent teacher, but also a great person. Having classes with you helped me a lot.

Po-Kai Wang - Taiwan

Matt is a very friendly and patient tutor. He was able to asses my needs clearly and focus on the gaps I needed to work on which were grammar and report writing. This resulted in me managing to obtain the necessary IELTS grades needed – for university visa entry requirement to the UK. In fact, I achieved higher grades than I actually needed which has increased my confidence generally. I would recommend him to you.

Lois - Zambia

I had a fantastic one to one learning experience and I am especially satisfied with the undivided attention I received from the professional tutor. I’ll certainly recommend British English Online to all my friends. Thanks to Matt, I can now speak English like a native.

Ah Young - South Korea

Skype lessons with Matt are more interesting than a general course and easier to concentrate on your studies. You just need a laptop, a good Internet connection and a mic. Suddenly you’ll improve your English!

Janka - Slovakia

Matt is very professional and clearly enjoys what he is doing. He knows how to make the lesson more interesting, interactive and informative. You almost forget that you are having a lesson!

Cathrin - Germany

Matt taught me the english language in an effective and professional yet casual way. He explained everything so clearly and was very patient. British English Online is a great way to learn English, because you don’t have to travel and you can fit it comfortably into your calendar at your convenience. A great experience. Thanks Matt.

Rawan - Saudi Arabia

The lessons are interesting and helpful at the same time. Matt’s a very good tutor, you’re gonna learn a lot from him.

Cho Rong - South Korea

I am so grateful for your teaching. I couldn’t have improved my English without you. Matt you are my favourite teacher indeed!

Njoud - Saudi Arabia

Today’s lesson was awesome. We had a great time talking, learning and correcting my mistakes, which is what I want. Matt always chooses interesting topics to make me feel enthusiastic and to speak freely. A huge thanks to him!