Abdulaziz Naif – Saudi Arabia

My dream came true with Matt’s lessons which could’ve taken me months or years to achieve. Here is my story. I sat the IELTS test in last January and was given 4.5 in Writing! I was bitterly disappointed and deeply hurt by the grade, so I decided to do the test again in April. Since I was running out of time and did not have time for studying IELTS  books, I decided to enrol on online lessons. I was looking for the the quality not the quantity of the lessons (fewer lessons but more effective ones). After long and hard search on the internet, I found Matt a month before the exam and asked him one question “how many classes do I need to boost my grade to at least 6?” He e-mailed me “15 classes”, so I immediately  struck a deal with him and started the intensive course the next day. My dream came true! I got 6 in my second try in the IELTS with just 15 lessons. Unbelievable! He really deserves every penny I paid him! So, I strongly recommend his lessons if you want to improve your English in a short time and in a fulfilling way.